History of Chickamauga, Georgia

Walker County Regional Heritage/Train Museum

Sometime around 1888-89, the first railroad was built to the little town of Crawfish Springs, later renamed Chickamauga, Georgia. A Syndicate Company bought large tracts of land for the railroad and a large summer resort. The painting and sketch below shows how the train depot and Park Hotel appeared in the 1890's. The hotel opened in 1891 and the train depot was built with expectations of many visitors. But, the dreams of the investors did not materialize, and in 1898 the hotel was used as a hospital for soldiers at Camp Thomas, located in the Chickamauga Battlefield, in training for the Spanish-American War. It was later demolished and replaced with the two-story brick community house which survives today.

The stone depot was constructed by the Central of Georgia Railroad and trains made round trips twice a day between Chattanooga and Cedartown, stopping in Chickamauga. Passenger service stopped in the early 50's and the depot was locked in the late 60's. Over the years, the depot was used by the City Schools, as a public library, by the Recreation Association and Walker County; until the City of Chickamauga was deeded the property in the late 1990's.

Hours are from 10 am to 4 pm Tuesday through Saturday, closed on Sunday and Monday. Admission is $2.00 and parking is free.

A steam locomotive carries passengers on excursions and day trips from Chattanooga during the summer months, stopping at the Chickamauga Depot. Phone 706-375-4488 for additional information.

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Chickamauga and its residents have taken pride in preserving its historical beauty and keeping the small Southern town appeal. Whether you are looking for something old or something new, this small town has something for you.

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Our downtown district is full of unique shops, from antiques, crafts, custom cabinets, gifts, historical artifacts and replicas, jewelry, old time photography and other specialty shops. Visitors of all ages can experience the rich diverse history contained within our town.